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 Home Improvements - What are They Worth?

 Are you wondering just which home improvements you should make to help your home sell? Many home sellers never realize before embarking on their new home improvements just what they can expect as a return on their dollar. Most home improvements don't return 100% of their value.The following is a list of the top home improvements based on the percentage of return on investment (compiled by 2001).

Improvement . . .

Return on investment . . .

Minor kitchen remodel

94% of investment

Bathroom addition

91% of investment

Major kitchen remodel

90% of investment

Master suite addition

84% of investment

Conversion of attic to a bedroom

84% of investment

Two story addition

83% of investment

Family room addition

83% of investment

Bathroom remodel

77% of investment

Replace windows

74% of investment

Replace siding

73% of investment

Deck addition

72% of investment

Conversion of an extra bedroom to a home office

67% of investment


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